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Evolution's Favour: BB Codes

Postby San » February 28th, 2015, 6:01 pm

BBCodes are a staple of forums, and Evolution's Favour is no different. Aside from the generic options included within the forum software (in this case, PHPBB), we have added several other useful codes! Please feel free to take advantage of them.

This code allows you to tag characters in posts. When used, it will send a PM to that character account with the originator and a link to the thread in which it has been used. For example:
Code: Select all
will end up looking like @San and will send a PM to San's account about the tag with a link to this thread.

Works just the same as the regular [color] tag, only with a U! (Why? Because San keeps screwing up otherwise) For example:
Code: Select all
[colour=#BF8000]Coloured text here[/colour]
looks like Coloured text here. Just like the [color=#BF8000] tag would.
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